Saturday, June 22, 2013

Favorite Places in Mystic, CT

"Mystic is mystical," I told my mother the first time I visited her there in her new home. And it's true. I want to show you some favorite places.

The brand new bridge house for the Mystic drawbridge.

The giant gear that helps to lift the entire roadbed.

The facade of a fabulous store, The Emporium. It's in an 1800s building and has the original wide-plank floors, which are worn by all the human footsteps on them. Inside is just about everything under the sun. In the basement is the children's department, including a huge display of seashells. I delighted my children's hearts with five exotic shells for five dollars, when they were little.

The Emporium's building is for sale, which worries me.

Probably my favorite all-time bookshop. You can see Mystic's historic commercial buildings in the reflection.

Inside the bookstore, a poster of the doors of Stonington. I've posted enough pictures of Stonington doors on this blog to keep you happy for a millenium.

Another favorite place, the Green Marble coffee shop. An indy bookstore and an indy coffee shop within 50 yards of each other -- sheer bliss.

A book in a bag, a newspaper, a cappuccino -- can you tell these are the things that make me intensely happy?

Look at all the varieties of coffee beans for sale. Starbucks doesn't do this any more -- your choice is dark or light. Tell me, where is your favorite indy coffee shop or bookstore?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

St. Bart's--A Place to Regroup for the American Dream

American Dreams on Park Avenue

In the course of my job search, I visit New York City every week. These shots are from St. Bartholomew Church, the church that Jackie Onassis saved. Built in the Byzantine style, the church was at risk of being torn down to make room for yet another skyscraper. Jackie stepped in and saved it from destruction. It's been providing spiritual sanctuary since 1903 -- 100 years! Congratulations, St. Bart's.  

It's on Park Avenue, between 50th and 51st, next to the Waldorf Astoria and nestled among towers housing UBS and other banks, some of them midtown offshoots from Wall Street. These are places where American Dreams are still being won and lost. People can go to St. Bart's to reflect, regroup, find resiliency.

Detail of a green marble column inside the sanctuary.

A banner just inside the sanctuary.

Stained glass window shadowed by a skyscraper.

The grill on the front door, looking out onto Park Avenue.

A detail of an exterior marble panel.

The filigree on the front doors.

The famous facade.

Friday, June 7, 2013

American Dreams of Gem Houses in Hopewell, NJ

I have an idea -- let's get nostalgic for early spring! Why not? 

These are the last pics I have of Hopewell, NJ.  On to new things in my next post.

A beauty of a house and a garden.

Close-up of the garden.

An understated beauty, painted with mellow colors.

A close-up of the front door.

Another beautifully cared-for house and garden.

A gem, tucked away.

The Hopewell passenger and freight station, now an historic site. I saw more glorious houses across the tracks, but I think you get the idea -- Hopewell is full of historic sights.