Monday, September 26, 2016

American Dream: Fun, Fun, Fun in Coney Island

Who Doesn't Want Fun?

By Norma Jaeger Hopcraft

I went from my apartment in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, to Coney Island, a 30-minute ride south on the D train. You begin to sense that Brooklyn is huge, both landwise and population wise.

And where do New Yorkers go for seaside fun? Many choose Coney Island.

In the Coney Island train station, I saw three of New York's finest standing next to the Hulk.

The original Nathan's hotdogs, in business 100 years this year, is reason enough to go to Coney Island.

Another good reason.

The rollercoaster, with the famous parachute drop.

I went in May, still off season.

Nothing like beach football with the Atlantic Highlands of New Jersey in the distance.

All this fun-making equipment is just waiting for the summer crowds.
How about you? Have you been to Coney Island? What did you think? Comment below!