Friday, February 26, 2016

American Dream: A Bed-Stuy Townhouse in Brooklyn

American Dream: Increase Your Assets

By Norma Jaeger Hopcraft

The Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn is gentrifying. People with means are buying the brownstones, renovating them, and renting them out for much more than before -- $3,000 a month for a 3-bedroom, at least. 

This means that the poor who are hanging on there now will face raised taxes (if they own the townhouse) or raised rents themselves. If they can't meet it, they'll be forced to move. It's sad for them. It also will give some people, who can invest now, a much higher number in their "assets" column.

Is it right? But can anyone influence a better outcome?

Here's why it's gentrifying: The townhouses are lovely. Another reason: there's good subway service to the area.

An orange brownstone. Notice the details over the door and under the bay window.

It's in an attractive row of buildings.

Another street, another row of great houses. How about you? If you had $1 million, would you buy a brownstone? I wanted to until I found out the price. Then I felt relieved--I wouldn't be a part of ruining the neighborhood for the current residents. How do you feel about gentrification?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Great City, Park and Library

American Dream: To Wander New York City

By Norma Jaeger Hopcraft

What could be more romantic than New York City at night? And Bryant Park, which stretches behind the New York Public Library's main building, exudes romance.

Here's the carousel, with lights, music, and beautifully carved creatures.

Look at this beautiful horse. 

Here's a galloping horse.

This is the door to the Bryant Park Cafe, a great place to have your office party.

This is the front of the famous Schwartzman building.

Another shot of the imposing structure.

Here's one of the lions, guarding this palace of books and maps. Yes, this was taken at night. How about you? Do you love New York City at night? Comment below!