Friday, July 11, 2014

Pursuit of American Dreams in Coffee Shops

Indie Coffee Shops and the American Dream

By Norma Jaeger Hopcraft

I'm an avid supporter of indie coffee shops, and Starbucks, too, 'cuz I'm infinitely grateful that, for the price of one cup of coffee, I can sit for hours and work among congenial people who don't bug me to buy more or else move on.  

But indie coffee shops hold a special place in my heart. The Drip is in Madison, NJ, and creates a unique atmosphere.

Outdoor seating on a very wide sidewalk. Great!

A place to meet friends and have a long, relaxed talk without having to clean your house first. Or bake. Or even make coffee.

"Coffee isn't a drug, it's a vitamin!" Agreed.

Breakfast and lunch: covered.

Your baristas, Rupert (left, in background) and Dylan.

Handles on the espresso machines, elegant but durable mugs, lovely colors on the walls.

The fixings bar. Contrast and compare with Starbucks, whose shops, unfortunately, are all the same...

My competition, a writer in pursuit of her dream, taking advantage of this great space to work alone, yet not alone.

How about you? Do you like independent coffee shops? Do you prefer Starbucks? Or do you thumb your nose at the whole coffee-house business? Chime in! Comment below!
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