Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pigment Shop in NYC - What a Find!

American Dream: To Create Great Art

I stumbled upon Kremer Pigments at 247 West 29th Street. I was just walking down the street and saw these flaming bright colors in the window and had to go in and take pictures. 

Doesn't every artist dream of being immortal, having the nuances of their art and craft studied by generations to come? This is a shop where those dreams start to come true.

In this display case, there are colors like Marienglas, Pyramid Yellow, Van Dyck Brown, 
Cobalt Blue Turquoise.  

Look at these deep, rich colors, floor to ceiling on every wall!

Don't these colors make you want to scream for a canvas and brushes?!!

All these colors really jazz me. How about you?

This was the scene in the window that stopped me in my tracks. They grind up those solid chunks of stuff in the foreground to put in the bottles, sell to artists, who create big, bold, dangerous art with all this color. Neat, huh?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Atlas & Other American Scenes in NYC

Searching for the American Dream, a job in one's field

I recently met someone in the course of my job search under Atlas, on Fifth Avenue. Quiz: What famous classic movie starts with a scene under Atlas? Comment below.

He's got the world on his shoulders and is managing quite nicely. Remind you of anyone?

On the walls of the subway station between 51st and 53rd Streets.

It's incredible art, don't you think?

This bike was locked up outside the New York Public Library. Carrying books is maybe the whole point of the basket, right?

Taken in early spring, this is the north side of Washington Square Park.

Washington Square Park again.

The north side of WSP with taxi.

This fellow is juggling a clear sphere on his arm.

WSP again.

These sculptures are on the plaza outside the Winter Garden in the Financial District.

If I recall correctly, this subway station art is near the Museum of Natural History. Am I right?

Don't know which subway station this is in. I saw the scene, shot it, and forgot it! If you know, fill us in, okay?

Statue of Teddy Roosevelt outside the Museum of Natural History. Whew! I've taken you all over Manhattan in a few seconds! Dizzy?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Morristown, NJ: Scene of Many American Dreams

American Dreams in Morristown, NJ

Morristown, New Jersey, has seen its share of American Dreams go boom and bust. That's where the county jail is--that's bust. It's also where lawyers are elevated to judges. 

One man's dream was to help blind people learn to use guide dogs (see below). 

When your American Dream is not going very well, you can pray, even in a church, especially in Morristown. There's churches across the street from each other, next door to each other, around the corner from each other...You can pray when it's going well, too. "Thanks" is a prayer.

George Washington truly slept in Morristown. His American Dream was the founding of a nation of free people, unleashed to put their genius to good use.

Here's a beautiful church -- I didn't make a note to self as to it's name. Anybody know it? Leave a comment below...

The Morristown Green has gone through many lives, including druggy hangout in the 60s and 70s. These folks are Founding Fathers. George Washington, right, famously spent two winters in headquarters in Ford Mansion in Morristown, once in the winter of 1777 and again in 1779-80. 

A pillar commemorating the Civil War.

This is a statue of Morris Frank with Buddy, the first seeing eye dog.

For more information, here's the plaque.

A church that's circular on the end to the right, whith flying buttresses like Notre Dame. Say, if you like my blog, would you sign up to follow it? Thanks!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Downtown NYC Sculpture - American Dream Come True

New York City is amazing. Cool sculpture everywhere, making artists' dreams come true. Here's what I saw recently in the Financial District:

Translucent yellow disks. How cool is that?

What is it? Who cares?

This is art deco trim on a skyscraper's entrance.

Glad I'm not sitting or kneeling on concrete for my job...

Notice the sculpture of lights in the lobby of Brown Brothers Harriman.

A flower sculpture...

Do tombstones count as sculpture? Would you sign up to follow my blog?