Thursday, June 28, 2012

American Dream: An Inexpensive Hotel in a Gorgeous Spot

One of my fans wanted more pics of the Monteverde Inn.  I highly recommend it (  

It was difficult to find at night, because our GPS didn't have the inn in its database (it kept sending us to the Monteverde Lodge, unfortunately).  I nearly had a meltdown, I was so tired from driving all evening on unpaved roads.

But our  travails to find it--driving down rocky, one-lane roads at night in the cloud forest--were worth it.  The inn had a tremendous view of the Gulf and Peninsula of Nicoya (see previous post).  One of the best things about it was the manager, Anthony, a cheerful, helpful host.

Anthony outside the office, which had internet access.

The building our rooms were in.  We were on the edge of a cloud forest (see previous post with me in the center of a fig tree, and a tree covered with epiphytes).

Anthony helping my son with his iPhone.

Outside the breakfast room, a strange creature lurked.  We never were quite sure what it's name was.  It seemed related to raccoons.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Last Views of the Cloud Forest at Monte Verde

Our last hours in the Monte Verde cloud forest were spent admiring hummingbirds and epiphytes, plants that thrive in air, not soil.

I liked the epiphytes (a plant, such as an orchid or stag horn fern, that grows on another plant, upon which it depends for mechanical support but not for nutrients).

We visited a hummingbird station.  There's a dark blue one just to the left of the feeder.

A sculpture, I think of Don Quixote, at the hummingbird center.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Funny Little Hotel in the Forest

American Dream: A Zipline thru a Cloud Forest, a Simple Hotel to Recover In

The Monte Verde Cloud Forest was beautiful.  We saw Arenal, the volcano, from the zipline, but my camera didn't capture it.  It was too focused on the zipline I was about to force it to take.

Would you trust these two wires to hold you up as you flew 75 feet above the treetops?  Not to mention the treetops are probably 100 feet above the ground.  One, two, three and you're off!

A banana tree grew on the grounds of our little hotel in Monte Verde.  The purple thing is part of the banana plant.  Looks like a plum line.

The view from the grounds of our hotel in Monte Verde.  The pink and grey clouds are hiding the Gulf and Peninsula of Nicoya and the Pacific beyond.

The hotel office.  I told you it was a little place!  Rustic and simple, deep in the cloud forest, almost impossible to find at night (we learned that the hard way), but it got the job done.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monte Verde Canopy Crawl & Zipline

The American Dream: Adventure and Fun

The Monte Verde canopy crawl and zip line was a very fun day.  Why can't all days be that fun?  I can't help asking that question; I think adventure and fun is what we were created for.  On a work-a-day sort of day, it's an adventure to think of ways to make people laugh.

More exotic foliage and flowers on the canopy crawl.

Me, left front, with my family on one of the canopy bridges.  We were happy to see miniature orchids and tons of weird-looking growth.

Getting ready for the zipline.

The view from the zipline tower.  I'm glad I did it once, but I have no interest in doing it again.  It's off my bucket list.