Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Brownstone in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Anyone?

American Dream: Perhaps a Brownstone in Brooklyn?

By Norma Jaeger Hopcraft

Hi, folks! After a short break (a mere nine months) I'm back! 

I have lots to share with you from my favorite haunts in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Fire Island National Seashore, wherever the wind blows me--and soon, Providence, RI, a very cool city.

Today I hope you enjoy these pictures from Sunset Park, Brooklyn. They were taken this winter. They'll help you cool off in summer heat.

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Please enjoy the architectural details under the rooflines, and around the doors and windows.

Each street is different.

These are a cautionary tale -- brownstones that have been covered in vinyl siding. Eewww! Don't ever do this, agreed?

Something to restore your faith in brownstones.
How about you? Would you like to live in one of these classic houses? Please comment!


  1. Indeed! Lovely Norma - pleasant childhood memories and the family I would visit in their Brooklyn townhouse. Unfortunately, theirs was aluminum sided! A real travesty.

    1. Thanks for your comment and mini-story! I know what you mean -- the siding is painful to look at. Fortunately, sometimes the interiors weren't "improved" too badly. How was the interior of the brownstone you visited?