Sunday, October 9, 2016

American Dream: A Brownstone in Brooklyn

Sunset Park, Brooklyn Is Full of Brownstones

Norma Jaeger Hopcraft

My new neighborhood of Sunset Park is chock full of brownstones. It's got so many that it's applying for National Historic District status. That's something that Park Slope and Williamsburg already have.

I find the rooflines to be fascinating. Each street has a different look. 

I love the details in the wood trim at the top. The brickwork is great, too. If you like my blog, would you sign up to follow it? Thanks!!!

Here's a close-up of another street's brownstones and the profile of the roofline against the sky.

This is a long view of the same street -- you can see the brownstones just go on and on.

Here's the roofline of another street whose brownstones sport bay windows.

This is Fifth Avenue in Sunset Park, the main commercial street. These brownstones have the elegant trim and brickwork, too.

It's just beautiful.

Here's another set of brownstones, with gently rounded bay windows and trim that echoes the curves.
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