Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dreams of Independence: Catalunya

Catalunyan Dreams of Independence

By Norma Jaeger Hopcraft

Catalans held their independence day while I was in Barcelona recently. Supporters of the idea of secession from Spain draped themselves in Catalan flags and showed their support every which way they could.

If you wore a pendant like this, you were for independence.

If you wore a T-shirt like this, you were for it.

For it.

There was no lack of flags, or Catalan independence spirit, that day.

A pro-independence flag against a Barcelona / Mediterranean sky.

Face paint? For it.

See the giant in the red cap? That's pure Catalunyan. He's for it.

More symbols for it.

Barcelona's iconic Agbar Tower is for it.

It's hard to convey the spirit of the crowd.

These young ladies are all for independence.

He's for it, too.

The giant farmer and mermaid were paraded for independence.

Looks like they'll live happily ever after.

He's head and shoulders above the crowd.

Have a beer in favor of independence.

He's in favor, too.

Heading toward the big demonstration, all in favor.
This guy doesn't care one way or the other.

The outcome of the vote later that month was complicated, and not at all binding on the legislature of Spain.
But you got a taste of Catalan spirit. Not everybody wants independence. Some Catalans feel that they are stronger united with Spain. The outcome of all this flag-waving and parading waits to be seen.