Thursday, October 31, 2013

Old Barns and Surprises in the Barnyard, Quakertown, PA

Is Your American Dream to Live or Work in a Converted Barn?

Just beyond the covered bridge I showed you last week, I came across a picturesque barn with a surprise in the barnyard. I'd call the surprise picturesque, too; tell me if you agree. 

I like the look of it--a stone wall, vines, weathered wood...

A close-up of the weathered, viny effect.

Not a cow, but a---

--Silver Streak, which Google tells me is a Pontiac. 

I think it had a V-8, a snarly, powerful engine. The stories this car could tell...

Another view of the barn.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Covered Bridge in PA

My brother lives on Covered Bridge Road in Quakertown, PA, near Bethlehem. Sounds quaint, huh? Well, it is quaint, and I'll prove it to you.

This mill is 1/10th of a mile from my brother's house. It's the Levi Sheard Grist Mill. No one knows when it was built; the earliest deeds date back to 1798. In 1844, Levi Sheard purchased the mill, and it didn't cease operation until 1971. The mill used water power to grind corn, rye or wheat grain into meal.

Machines of an earlier age, stored under the front steps. What's under your front porch?

Here's the covered bridge. I never expected one in Pennsylvania -- I had the impression they were all in Vermont.  It's 130 feet long. I've heard they covered the bridges so the horses wouldn't get spooked by how high they were above the water below.

Here's what it feels like and looks like inside. Beautiful Pennsylvania countryside beckons from beyond. Have you ever been over a covered bridge? Comment below.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Clinton, NJ Indie Coffee Shop!!

American Dreams Get Formed and Worked On Here

I stopped in historic Clinton, NJ, and I have pictures for you of the downtown, and of special houses. But I stumbled upon an indie coffee shop, and you know my enthusiasm for those! So let's start there.

My critique: The name is appropriate--the shop is right next to a river.

Important things get discussed in coffee shops.

A fun sign.

A side door to a patio overlooking the Raritan River.

Same door, but showing you the milk bar. I love the gold tones of the walls -- very warm and inviting.

A seating area.

Some of the treats on display.

Baristas Casey Jackson (left) and Toni Adams.

Another room in the shop.

Same people, different angle.

Art for sale on the right. Fantastic atmosphere, right? Love it! Next week: historic downtown Clinton.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Young Filmmaker's American Dream: "Slow Road" to Communities

Slow Road: Travel Engaged

Slow Road is a site where you can see a film clip about some young men going around the country SLOWLY, looking for community. 

They're doing what I love to do, but in film. 

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rochester Farmer's Market--the Colors of an American Dream

A Farmer's American Dream

Where would we be without our farmers, who work, wait and hope patiently through the threat of frost,  too much rain, too little...there's possibly no harder line of work. The one farmer I know says he wouldn't do anything else with his life. It's his American Dream come true to be on the land and coax it to produce nutritious food.

This Rochester farmer's market was beautiful, with fruits and vegetables in vibrant colors. Note that most baked goods are beige or brown...will that help you make a wiser choice next time?

Beets, bright magenta inside.

A deep, rich green -- tons of vitamins.

Much more vibrant than a chocolate cake.

This chicken was for sale...if I brought it home, what would my neighbor's think?

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