Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Dreams from Stonington, Connecticut

I thought it was time for me to be seasonally appropriate at last. In early December I gave you pics of a September week spent on Fire Island. I also gave you photos of Washington Square Park with leaves still on the trees.

It's time to move into winter, at least temporarily. These photos were taken on a Christmas Day walk with my family in Stonington, a town with a strong seafaring tradition and beautiful historic buildings.

At the point of land where the British disembarked from ships in 1814 and tried to subjugate the town, there is a small park commemorating the brave men of Stonington who fought back. This is the view from that point to the west, over Fisher's Island Sound and the Long Island Sound.

An historic bank on the Stonington peninsula decked out for Christmas.

The Inn at Stonington trimmed for Christmas.

A close-up of the Inn's door.

A small jeweler's shop gussied up for Christmas.

A wreath on the doorway to an historic house in Stonington.

Another home, another wreath.

An historic home's door in non-traditional colors. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Friday, December 28, 2012

American Dreams, or Just Dreaming?

American Dreams, or Just Dreaming?

I know I said something about moving forward to December pictures in the last post, but then I found these of Washington Square Park in September. I just had to show you some of the great things humans are doing in New York City. Some are working to make their dreams come true, some are just dreaming.

A ventriloquist sets up for a show. Next:  His own show at Comedy Central?

A jazz band performing, hoping to make it big.

The arch, and people relaxing, dreaming.

The fountain. Notice "The Thinker," with chin on fist, in left center.

Kids just out of school attracted to the water like ducklings.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last Pics from Fire Island, NY

An American Dream on Fire Island, NY

Our dream week as a family on Fire Island gave us so much pleasure. We enjoyed each other's company and the beauty of sea and sky. My brother Chuck took the following pictures. He said our week together was "a sweet time." Our happiness was enhanced by the beautiful setting. It was an American Dream come true, and a tremendous blessing, to be together in such a lovely place.

My sister and I lamenting that the surf was too powerful to swim in that day.

A view toward the west.

Chuck photographed our friend, Susan, photographing Chris photographing the sunset.

A fawn between our deck and our neighbor's.

The four Jaeger siblings in the Sunken Forest at Sailor's Haven, Fire Island.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fire Island and the American Dream

Dreaming of Sun, Surf and Sand

It's appropriate in cold December to take a look at September's beauty.

These pictures I cannot take credit for: my brother Chuck took them. His photos will draw you to Fire Island even better than I could. I took pictures in the September sun (see two previous posts); he took pictures of the turbulent autumn sky and ferocious surf. Enjoy!

My sister and I enjoying a madcap, un-lifeguarded September swim.

That's me approaching. The fences could hardly protect this barrier sand dune, known as Fire Island, from erosion during Hurricane Sandy.

My sister, mother, and I waiting for the ferry bringing a dear cousin.

Me, in the black straw brim, among all the wagons and bikes that homeowners lock up near the ferry. We rented for a week and got the use of the wagon, essential when bringing a week's food with you. Food on FI is very expensive because it all gets delivered to the island by ferry.

We saw hundreds of monarch butterflies in the course of a week (see center left of photo). They were migrating to Mexico.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fire Island and American Dreaming

Sculpture, sea grasses, bikes, bamboo: An American Dream come true on Fire Island

Sculpting an American Dream

More about my family's week on Fire Island, pre-Sandy. The house below was located just behind the one and only line of sand dunes between ocean and homes in Ocean Beach. I don't know if the house is still there or not. I've heard that now you must have a permit to get on the island. The lack of ferries, and the limits on people and cargo, will slow the rebuilding process. 

This house had lots of sculpture in the yard; here's one of a reclining woman. 

Same house, different sculpture.

A line of sea grasses.

Some Fire Island houses hide behind thickets of bamboo. The stalks rattle in the wind like hollow chimes.

I rode a bike for the first time in three decades while on Fire Island this past September -- it's just like they say, you never forget!

Sea grasses backlit by September sun. Leave a comment: what's your favorite stretch of ocean, and why? Or do you prefer the mountains?