Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We Lived a Slice of the American Dream before Sandy

American Dream Fulfilled: A Week at the Shore

My blog is off to Fire Island National Seashore in New York State now, to enjoy Ocean Beach pre-Sandy. My family shared a house the third week of September. The water was great, warmer than the air. It was a little tough getting into the water because the air wasn't hot, and once in, it was tough getting out, because the wind chill made our wet bodies even colder. Then it was time for a hot outdoor shower.

The living room of the house we rented. My darling Mom was surprised by my picture-taking.

The wind scattered the first leaves of autumn on the deck.

The view toward the ocean. Only a small dune (the little bump at the end of the sidewalk) separated the houses from the ocean.

Looks pretty placid, right? I've heard that Sandy wreaked tremendous damage to the island. 

A house similar to ours, near the ocean in September. Where is the house now? How about you? How many days were you without power? 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New York City: where most people work on their American Dream

American Dreams in New York City

I'm back to New York City -- God, I love it! Almost everybody in the city is working on making their American Dream come true, no matter which way they define it. They're striving for financial security (whatever that is--the bar keeps moving and in reality there is no such thing; a cataclysmic event could wipe it out); success (whatever that is) as an actor, painter, singer, musician, writer; or to teach, practice medicine, or run a business with excellence. Most people in the city are aspiring to some definition of success that they've worked out for themselves -- or that they haven't defined but know at a gut level.  Therefore the excitement, the jazz-of-the-heart, is palpable. It's like no other city in the world. I'm taking three young Costa Ricans to see it in December, and I can't wait to see their reaction. This is a whole other ball game than San Jose.

The rider is probably inside the nearby New York Public Library.

Chess, anyone? In Union Square Park.

Beyond the workboat and crane is the financial district from Hoboken, pre-Hurricane Sandy.

A whimsical ode to trains in Hoboken. It might not still be there after Sandy.

Exactly center of this photo is an opera being transmitted from the Met to a screen in Times Square. The man in the tux is conducting the overture.

Man with an iPad taking a picture of the opera performance. Let me know -- do you love New York City? Tell me why or why not.

American Dream of Endless Summer

American Dream: Endless Summer 

Hurricane Sandy prevented me from using my computer for a week. I apologize for not posting sooner.

Now that the northeast has had its first snowstorm, it's even more of a contrast to look back at summer.  I shoveled snow this morning and longed for daffodils to break through.

These pictures were all taken in Mystic, Connecticut and remind me of the dreamy days of summer.

Colors outside a local-source restaurant on Water Street.

A windowbox in historic downtown.

A pot outside Mystical Toys.

A beautiful blend of colors planted by a gas station on Main Street.

A hibiscus.

Hibiscus unfurling.  Weigh in: are you ready for spring?